How Do I Redeem My Evaluation?

Be “Money Smart”

We know you work hard for your money and want to make the best choices when it comes to spending it.

Here at Middleton Ford, we have an entire team dedicated to making sure you stay on top of everything financial in regards to vehicle longevity.

If your vehicle repairs cost more than what your vehicle is worth then you’ll never get that money back and chances are something else is about to break.

This is a great example of why knowing the value of your vehicle is vital to making “Money Smart” decisions!

How To Get An Appraisal!

If you just visited our service department and received a Private Offer Hang-Tag, then simply enter the Private Offer Code in the box below to Redeem Your Appraisal.

If you haven’t gotten an appraisal yet, click on the Contact Us Link and Drop Us a Message.

Our Vehicle Evaluation Manager will be in contact with you shortly to schedule your FREE Appraisal!

Enter your code to access your exclusive offer now! 

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For Those Who LOVE What They Drive

We Love It When You Love What You Drive! If you plan to keep your vehicle for a while, don’t get caught having to pay for major repairs!

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