Why did we appraise your vehicle?

First and foremost, we think it’s important for you to know how much your vehicle is worth because it helps you make the best financial decisions about your vehicle. For Example:
• What type and how much insurance coverage you need.
• How much money to spend on service and repairs before it doesn’t make financial sense anymore.
• And is it time to consider a Ford Extended Service Plan?

Secondly, the supply and demand for good quality used vehicles are at an all- time high across the nation and we need good quality vehicles for our inventory! Our thought is that we would rather pay a little bit more for good quality used vehicles from our service customers, rather than take a risk buying at auction. This allows us to:
• Offer our current customers more incentive and value.
• Provide future customers with good quality, local, vehicles at an affordable and completive price.

The Appraisal Process…

Several points are taken into consideration during an evaluation. Things like the amount of owners, previous accidents or damage, current overall condition, maintenance history, tire condition, and much more.

Rest assured that our professional appraisers have taken all of these items into consideration during your appraisal and we believe that you will be really happy with the offer we make you!

Almost everyone knows who Kelley Blue Book is and what they do! So much so, they have become the “Most Trusted Resource” when it comes to vehicle pricing and evaluations. They’ve been appraising vehicles for over 90 years! Here, at
Middleton Ford, we believe if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

We use Kelley Blue Book as a baseline for all of our appraisals and are even KBB Dealer Certified!

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